Actions: Yes, you can do a lot right now

to stop Centennial Dam and save Bear River.


1. Click Here to write a letter to the NID Board of Directors and Army Corps of of Engineers expressing your opinion. There is an outline for the letter, but please elaborate and give your opinion so that your voice is heard.


2. Post these films to your Facebook, Facebook groups, or other social media and tell the world why you care. You can share individual films by clicking the share button on that film, or you could share this website.


3. Host a screening of these films for your friends, family, or social group. Your connections are the nearest in your personal sphere of influence, so you can be very effective.


4. Go to NID and tell them in person. You can go to the Board Meetings and take signs so your voice is heard. Also, contact the board members directly and ask to meet or speak on the phone. Click Here to learn more about the NID Board and how to contact them.


 5. Get involved with NID's Raw Water Master Plan. NID is trying to get the water rights to remove 221,400 acre-feet of water from the Bear River. Their plan is to pump much of this water up over the hill to Lincoln to fuel more development, but this is very risky for the farmers and everyone who relies on NID's raw water. If NID removed 221,400 acre-feet of water yearly, it could create a shortage for farmers 13 of 18 years.


6. Contact farmers and farm bureaus, and warn them their water may be in danger. Once NID obtains those water rights for 221,400AF, they can choose where they sell that water. Because of "County of Origin" granting NID that ownership, downhill farmers could be in big trouble. Farmers know all too well the importance of water rights. Furthermore, removing that water could significantly lower the water table making it more costly for farmers to pump more ground water.

Nevada County Farm Bureau

Yuba-Sutter Farm Bureau


7. Contact Newspapers and journalists, and write letters to the editor or op-ed articles. Urge papers to keep the spotlight on Centennial because it's important to you and their readers.

Click Here to contact The Union

Click Here to contact the Auburn Journal, the Colfax Record, The Loomis News, The Rocklin Placer Herald, Lincoln News Messenger, Roseville & Granite Bay Press Tribune, Folsom Telegraph, or El Dorado Hills Telegraph

Click Here to contact the Sacramento Bee

Click Here to contact YubaNet


8. Contact your local and regional politicians and public officials. You have the right to lobby your representatives. Your voice matters!

Governor Gavin Newsom

Senator Kamala Harris

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Congressman Doug LaMalfa

Congressman John Garamendi

Congressman Tom McClintock

Congresswoman Doris Matsui

Nevada County Board of Supervisors

Placer County Board of Supervisors

Yuba County Board of Supervisors

Sutter County Board of Supervisors

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors


9. Grassroots Outreach like Public Speaking, making presentations, tabling, and hosting panel discussions


10. Grasstops Outreach - Reaching out to community Leaders like mayors, businesses, city council, and try to seek their endorsements


11. Organize groups and come together in meetings. Having a community of supporters and activists will keep you inspired. Invite others to join, even if it's just to sit and listen.


12. Support the organizations who are actively working to stop Centennial. You can help them in so many ways, so reach out to find out how you can help. Contact other organizations to rally their support to save Bear River. These organizations are extremely powerful, but only with our community behind them.

South Yuba River Citizens League

American Rivers

Save Bear River

Foothills Water Network

Sierra Streams Institute


13. Contact California's water agencies and express your concern for Centennial Dam.

California Water Commission

State Water Resources Control Board


14. Contact tv stations and radio stations and ask for more coverage promoting saving Bear River and stopping Centennial Dam.

KVMR 89.5 fm

KNCO 830 am

Star 94 fm

Capital Public Radio 88.9 fm


NCTV Nevada County Television




15. Become a subject media expert and learn all you can about Bear River and Centennial Dam. The more you know, the better you can communicate your love for Bear River. Speak with different people about Centennial, and be sympathetic to their views.


16. Spend as much time as possible at the Bear River. Visit all its amazing trails, and immerse yourself in its beauty. Hike downstream from 174 bridge. Hike upstream and downstream from Dog Bar bridge. Visit Bear River Campground. Canoe, kayak, or raft down Bear River (SAFELY). Take your friends and family, and fall in love with Bear River.


17. Share photos and videos of Bear River. People need to know just how beautiful Bear River is. Become a mobile media activist.


18. Study success stories like this one and find ways to emulate it. If you haven't seen this film, you will LOVE it.